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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

What is Search Engine Optimisation? SEO  is a game of rich knowledge of the combination of refined content and optimised SEO will give long lasting ranking in the google algorithm.The slowly and continues  growth of website on the bases of "On page optimisation" and "Off page optimisation" will give stability to your website or blog.

Search engine is optimisation is on the basic of various factor the primary factor are:

2. SEO

Commonly in the digital marketing people consider "CONTENT" as a part of Search Engine Optimisation but the content is not the part of Search engine optimisation.Content is a primary pillar of your website or blog on which you will apply various Search Engine Optimisation technique to pull our content on google ranking so that it will be exposed to the Internet user.But if the content is not worth it will not be optimised well you may optimised it using various technique and can be pulled up but once it will be exposed to internet user and user interaction will be not so useful definitely it will again increase your bounce rate and the chances of survival at a stable rank are very less.

How to write content?

The content should be written after researching that,the content you want to write is searched on google from  which keywords,and at the time of writing content the keyword to be used in content and other words should be synonym and related to subject and topic.

What to do before writing content?

1.Good knowledge of particular topic
2.Keyword search for particular topic.
3. Competitor keyword on particular topic.
4.Taretted audience region and keywords

First of all write a content of 500 words only because once the content is too long people will loose the interest and and its will decrease user interest and will exit from same page if the article is to be written of 1500 words then it should be splitted in 3 article,which will make the the user to scroll from one page to another and will help you to maintain your bounce rate at best.
Once the article is written now its time to optimise the content.
Content will be optimise in two parts.

a)On page 

1.Page Titles. Your page titles are one of the most important SEO factors on your site. ...
2.Meta Descriptions. Many people forget to include meta descriptions for their pages. ...
3.Meta Tags. ...
4.URL Structure. ...
5.Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.) ...
6.Keyword Density. ...
7.Image SEO. ...
8.Internal Linking.

b)Off page optimisation

2.Social bookmarking sites
3.Blog marketing
4.Directory submission
5.Search engine submission
6.Link baiting
7.Photo sharing
8.Article submission
9.Photo sharing
10.Answer question

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Article 53 .5 Keys to Creating a Successful Online Promotion

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5 Keys to Creating a Successful Online Promotion

So as to quicken your image's development, you need to increment online mindfulness and engagement. What's more, online advancements, for example, challenges, giveaways and sweepstakes are one of the best advertising instruments you can use to make energy around your image and construct associations with your clients strikingly.

Here are five key tips to guarantee your next advancement's prosperity:

1. Make It Super Easy to Participate 

The less demanding you make it for buyers to draw in with your advancement — and the better the prize(s) — the more probable they will do as such. For ideal investment, expel however many hindrances to passage as could be allowed. Giving shoppers additional, dull strides like logging into access your advancement or having excessively numerous fields on the passage structure diminishes the probability they'll enter, so simply keep it basic. A mind boggling advancement may appear to be all the more convincing to you, yet for customers, the clearer and more brief the passage procedure, the better.

2. Get People Sharing Photos 

Incorporating photographs into your advancement is a simple approach to expand the engagement of your group of onlookers. Truth be told, a recent report by ROI Research found that buyers appreciate pictures the most when connecting with companions on online networking, and 44 percent of respondents will probably draw in with brands on the off chance that they posted pictures more than some other type of substance. Do purchasers love taking a gander at pictures, as well as adoration flaunting their own particular aptitudes. Build engagement by requesting that members make a move by sharing a photograph as a feature of entering your advancement.

3. Make Your Promotions Mobile-Friendly 

At this moment, 66 percent of advancement perspectives are by means of portable. Given the way that customers are progressively getting to your advancements on their telephones, it's a great opportunity to consider how these advancements will look and feel on cell phones. However, don't simply shrivel it to fit — making an advancement portable agreeable means really adjusting it to the gadget. One of my customers, online networking advertising stage North Social, utilizes smartlink innovation that recognizes programs and streamlines the advancement for any individual gadget.

4. Have Your Customers and Staff Seed the Promotion 

For a situation study from Extole, for each one individual who entered a sweepstakes, an extra 3.6 extra individuals entered as an aftereffect of social suggestions. So why not ask your clients and staff to impart your advancement to their systems? Twitter challenges that oblige clients to retweet to win permit frictionless sharing. Offer snap to-tweets for your staff to effectively spread mindfulness. Alternately, in case you're running a Facebook advancement, empower verbal exchange with a basic offer catch. (Keep in mind to incorporate a divulgence on the off chance that you have representatives share an advancement.)

5. Use Paid Media to Supercharge the Promotion 

Put resources into the achievement of your advancement. Utilizing the force of Facebook's advanced posts, advertisements and supported stories is a compelling and reasonable approach to reach past the general population who effectively like your page. Advanced tweets, LinkedIn promotions and StumbleUpon advertisements pay likewise drive expanded cooperation. In one contextual analysis, paid media expanded advancement interest by 55 percent and decreased expense per-passage by 42 percent.

Social advancements are a key instrument in any advertiser's toolbox. Take advantage of them by guaranteeing they are basic, connecting with, shareable, advanced and versatile. Obviously, streamline your range to expand your odds of being discussed. All the more significantly, be deserving of being discussed.

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Article 52 Digital advertisement scope

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Digital advertisement scope 

Digital advertising scope is the future of promotion.As the internet touched the life of people it just changed the way they live.They way they perform their activity,nowdays its like that everything is just available on click.

A Person whenever he required something the very first step he perform he search for that product on google and here is the opportunity now the consumer itself interestet in searching for the product of his need.The very first step of approaching consumer is solved .
There are different ways of digital marketing:

1.Promoting your product and service on adward.
2.Promoting your product and service on social media.
3.Promoting your product and service on application.

The above listed are primary activity which cover the basic of digital marketing.

1.Google Adward 

Google adward is the advertisement platform of google which cover advertising your product through various mode.
a)Search network campaign
b)Display network campaign
c)Search and display network campaign
d)Video campaigns
e)Universal App campaigns

2.Social media

e)google plus

Every topic will be covered in detail in upcoming articles.
Basically the digital advertising is a concept of targeting people on the bases of their taste,demography and various other factor the factor on the bases of which you wanna to cover your targeted audience.
it will be easy to narrow down your search and target the few number of people with quality advertising so that those people generate more converson as compared to traditional way of exposure advertisement where you target everyone without knowing their taste and other preference.

When you target the crowd the advertisement budget will be diluted in large number of people and quality of advertisement will be low and the customer attraction will be very low as compared when it comes to digital advertisement you have a platform where you exactly know the taste of consumer and the class of consumer ,there the customer will be pitched on the basic of their interest.

Now the budget of advertisement will be used on the targeted audience and the rate of converson will be high the other pro of digital advertisement is you can track the result of every word you advertising and your amount will be completely tracked that how best it can be used and give more converson.

The future belong to the digital marketing the future of digital india is an opportunity to grow.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Article 51. Digital Marketing the demand of advertising industry

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Article 51. Digital Marketing the demand of advertising industry

As the era of internet born it came with a concept that it joins people from far distances and create a channel and network of people and for any business what you need is all a good network of people.
The days are gone now when to start a business you need to go door to door and ask people for their taste and preference after studying so much and analysing the society you are drived to a conclusion that whether  you have to start  a business or not.
The world of Digital marketing brings all these traditional way of marketing and business to end.Now what you have to do is just think up on idea and you will find an automatic platform framed regarding to that business.A group of people who are already working on idea ,a group of audience who are interested in that,the point is that the time earlier which is wasted on researching the market from consumer  point of view for any particular service or product is already exist.

Concept of automatic inbound marketing?

It was a time when you need to pitch every person you find about your business services and product and you expect converson irrespective of person taste and requirement.
But the arrival of digital marketing concept it modified the way of customer approach the set of people can be marked out from group, according to your product or service feautre's ,matching to their interest and and now the rate of converson is going to be very high because your product or service is pitched to that person only who is either looking for particular type of services and products.

Cost cutting in advertising.

Digital marketing is not providing only exposure to your product and service but actually it driving the catalogue of your product to the customer who is interested and looking for similar services.The cost of marketing is reduced because now the the audience you want to target is less in number on other hand somehow the audience is interested one.
so it seems like the way of inbound marketing you are creating a funnel according to the search preferences of consumer  on the basic of their search preference , you are driving him to 
particular product or service and now the customer is exactly targeted toward what he is searching now the chance of converson are more the 80%.
On the other hand the traditional way of marketing involve a large number of people to approach customer and the other things like banner,poster,are required which means again lot of investment.
And the biggest disadvantage of being traditional marketing you cant keep performance record and goal cant be created for future and you don't have any created audience.
But in digital marketing you have a particular track record of every person and the concept of remarketing will always keep  him pitched from your product and service.
The future is digital marketing every company have to shift its marketing strategy from traditional to digital then only survival is possible .

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Article 50.Digital marketingthe future of digital India.

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Digital marketing the future of digital India

The dilemma of carrier in digital marketing will be clarified after you read this complete article.


Nowdays companies from pin to plane are online the graph of sales online is always increasing as compared to traditional way of sales.The concept of planned inbound sales is so much growing that now days its very easy to target your audience market based on their taste,place and the product requirement for which you want to target them.
If every company is shifting his business to online then definately the demand of digital marketer will rise and fortunately this is only field which do not demand degree but the skill only let you progress in this field for that you have to be well experienced and productive.
If someone think digital marketing is a cakewalk like you hold a degree and paid in lakhs so you are wrong but positive side if you are passionate enough to work so there will be money flushed in the market for you. You will be paid for your talent.
The market posses a huge potential for digital marketing industry but this field require regular practice to move with the current marketing strategy.

2.Why India?

As the era of outsourcing started the India emerged a better market for the world basically the companies established in foreign country now got the opportunity outsource their services through India as we have large people unemployed so the foreign companies outsourced their services at low price as compared to their country. And on other hand the people of India got employment and paid well in due to currency differenciation.

3.Growth of digital marketing sector?

Similar boon we are going to expect in the field of digital marketing Industry
We can not stress this enough. The arrival of Digital technology as a commonplace tool for the India of tomorrow could speed up every aspect of life in the country, from professional to personal.”

"A Wise Man makes his own decisions; An Ignorant Man follows Public Opinion”
So be a wise decision maker for yourself and start early to learn digital and enter into this sector to taste the future benefits of this industry.

This Industry includes a plan to provide Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity for all. This means more people using mobiles and Internet and hence there would be indirect benefit to the digital companies, as they would then be able to reach more people digitally.
As the Digital Industry would grow, there would be more opportunities for digital agencies and hence more job opportunities for people. So learning digital would really help them to get jobs for themselves in this sector.

Healthy suggestion will be appreciated contact us.

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HANDICRAFT MAKING...Upcoming Industrial boom...

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Handicraft making Industry

Challange to the growth of handicraft making industry.

The Handicraft making industry  shown the immense growth in the past decade the exchange of cultural knowledge develop the interest of people in the handicraft goods of other countries.The cultural diversity of India gave the opportunity to Indian crafter's ,and the doors of new industry opened and lot of people who are involved traditionally grab the opportunity and changed their life a lot number of people shifted from other sectors to handicraft making sectors.

As this sector provide the better opportunity the challanges to the industry are same and the the crafters of India knows that tis industry is growing industry so they work hard on handicraft making bt the result are not very greatful.The another part which is very important is the export of indian handicraft goods to the foreign countries .

The people who are involved in it are not too educated and not well versed with the process of exporting their goods.So the another group of people utilised the opportunity and new type of people came to the market "Exporters"which manupilate the cost of handicraft goods in india at their own wish and let the talented people suffer and the get very little amount for the fine art work and these expoter sell these goods in foreign countries at very high price and enjoying the huge margin.


 is a company which will not buy goods and sell them in foreign companies bt will only assist the small industry craft to promote their goods and help them out in their business so that they can enjoy the full value of their fine artistic talent and instead of making exporters rich can work for themselves and make profit for themselves and can give country a better assist by paying taxes as the money will be earned .

Friday, 12 August 2016


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 Handicraft industry is an industry which is born from the heart of civilizations.The world is divided in to varios civilization from the past so the handicraft of every place differ earlier the people have reach to their vicinity only but as the era changed the world of trade gave a better communication to the people of world .People of different civilization star interecting with each other and the interest in each other civilization and culture gave birth to the trade of handicraft goods from a particular group or civilization of people  to other civilization.

Internet -the mother of handicrafts online trade.

Shop now
Now days people are so keen to work with internet that the world has shrinked to a computer and and the surfing led them to know every part of world about the culture of the world.And everyone inthis world is fond of decoratives the idea of handicraft online let the people choose their decorative from the differengt part of world and display them in their houses.The exchange of such gifts items became trend on the occassion of festivals 90% of people offer and receive gifts which is a good sign  of development of " handicraft online industry."

Demand of good in International market.

USA and Uk seems to be the largest importer of handicraft goods the education and culture of America and Uk is to use maximum decorative items for the better look of their surrounding.
shop now
Similarly handicraft industry is a labour intensive industry so it is beneficial for the developing country like India.It will improve the lifestyle of indian crafters .Indian handicraft online will let indian craft to display their goods to the world and get paid better for thei talent.

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From 3000 BC as metal india metal and stone handicraft introduced in india.Basically it was introduced by creating sculupture of their God and Goddess.Slowly the art rededefined and art started to develop from creating sculupture a new industry emerged "decorative industry"with the help of fine talent of indian artist the indian metal and stone handiraft idustry introducd to the world and represented india as the country  of fine handicraft goods.The demand of indian handicraft increased in foreign and it gave rise to Indian export.
Basically the indian metal and stone handicraft are preffered due to long term durability and rich look.the metal handicraft also represent the ancient glory. The Indian palaces which carries rich heritage value are decorated with metal handicraft.
Brass engraving and lacquer art, another form of metal craft produces items like photo frames, bowls, plates, boxes etc with the embellishments of ethnic designs and floral patterns, hunting scenes etc., on the surface. Lacquered designs varies either by varnishing the entire body or a part of the item. The art of 'Koftagari,' which is a craft of encrusting one metal into another, is a speciality of India. Brass is also used in the production of vases, tumblers, water containers, ornamented spittoons, food cases, bells, candle stands, kerosene lamps, picnic carriers and a large variety of lamps. The most adored items are swords, daggers and shields. 
"Bidri" or the inlay craft of metal is derived from Persia and developed and flourished in Mughal Empire. The craft is named after the place "Bidar" in Karnataka. The making of "Bidri" items requires pouring molten zinc and copper solution into moulds. The intricate process of "Bidri" involves the art of casting, engraving, inlaying and polishing. Cigarette cases, huqqa bases, bowls, boxes, candle stands, trays, ashtrays, vases, jewellery, buttons and other utensils are quintessential of this exclusive craft. 


Bead work
Bone carving (buffalo, camel, etc., as well as horn and
Brass broidered coconut shell craft of Kerala
Buffalo Horn Plates
Ceramic art generally
Chip carving
Copper arts
Dollhouse construction and furnishing
Doll making
Enameling and Grisaille
Glass etching
Jewelry design
Lath art
Puppet making
Repoussé and chasing (embossing metal)
Scale modeling
Stained glass
Toy making
Wood burning (pyrography)
Wood carving
Wood turning
Woodworking generally

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India is a country of artist from the past the world speaks about the quality of Indian handicrafts goods produced by Indian crafters.As India is culturally diversified every tribe contribute to indian handicraft goods.The indian handicraft goods are so diversed and redefined that it is the second largest sector after agriculture indian involved in it.The Indian handicraft is broadly classified in to various category.

The Indian Leather handicraft goods are created using varios type of raw material.

1.Indian leather handicraft good made from leather and textile.

Bagh prints
Canvas work
Embossing leather
Millinery (hat making)
Needlework generally
Ribbon embroidery
Rug making
Sewing generally
Shoe making (cordwaining)
Spinning (textiles)
String art
T-shirt art

In India the custom of calfskin specialty does a reversal to the Indus valley development. There have been a few references in antiquated writings about the utilization of creature skin. The age old custom of cowhide specialty in India is demonstrated by old sages and religious austerity, who used to sit on deerskin for reflection and other such works. Previously, cowhide was utilized as a part of making garments and footwear as well as in making tops, sacks, saddles, protection and so on. India is acclaimed worldwide for its calfskin items. In the rustic ranges of India, escape steers and camel is privately cured and in the wake of tanning, it is utilized to make distinctive things. Diverse districts of India have distinctive calfskin items to offer:

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    Cultural and heritage of india

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    Culture and heritage of India is a country of diversified culture,every miles the envirement change in term of people behaviour.Even many religion exists in india Hindu,Muslim,Sikh,Christians,Jains and Bodh.
    Apart from religious distribution the country is framed by the people of varios culture.
    Definately where so many culture exists every culture stands with its own traditions and cultural customs. which binds them all together in a group.
    Starting from jammu kashmir the zenth of India considered to be the crown of India to the length of kanyakumari it is too much diversified.


    Mumbai  is the capital city of the Indian condition of Maharashtra. It is the most crowded city in India and the ninth most crowded agglomeration on the planet, with an expected city population of 18.4 million. Alongside the neighboring districts of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, it is a standout amongst the most crowded urban areas on the planet and the seсond most crowded metropolitan territory in India, with a population of 20.7 million starting 2011. Mumbai lies on the west shoreline of India and has a profound common harbor. In 2009, Mumbai was named an alpha world city.[12] It is additionally the wealthiest city in India, and has the most astounding GDP of any city in South, West, or Central Asia. Mumbai has the most elevated number of very rich people and moguls among all urban areas in India


    Kolkata  is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal. Located on the east bank of the Hooghly River, it is the principal commercial, cultural, and educational centre of East India, while the Port of Kolkata is India's oldest operating port and its sole major riverine port. In 2011, the city had population of 4.5 million, while the population of the city and its suburbs was 14.1 million, making it the third-most populous metropolitan area in India. In 2008 its gross domestic product (adjusted for purchasing power parity) was estimated to be US$104 billion, which was the third highest among Indian cities, behind Mumbai and Delhi.[14] As a growing city in a developing country, Kolkata has pollution, traffic congestion, poverty, overcrowding, and other problems..