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Article 51. Digital Marketing the demand of advertising industry

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Article 51. Digital Marketing the demand of advertising industry

As the era of internet born it came with a concept that it joins people from far distances and create a channel and network of people and for any business what you need is all a good network of people.
The days are gone now when to start a business you need to go door to door and ask people for their taste and preference after studying so much and analysing the society you are drived to a conclusion that whether  you have to start  a business or not.
The world of Digital marketing brings all these traditional way of marketing and business to end.Now what you have to do is just think up on idea and you will find an automatic platform framed regarding to that business.A group of people who are already working on idea ,a group of audience who are interested in that,the point is that the time earlier which is wasted on researching the market from consumer  point of view for any particular service or product is already exist.

Concept of automatic inbound marketing?

It was a time when you need to pitch every person you find about your business services and product and you expect converson irrespective of person taste and requirement.
But the arrival of digital marketing concept it modified the way of customer approach the set of people can be marked out from group, according to your product or service feautre's ,matching to their interest and and now the rate of converson is going to be very high because your product or service is pitched to that person only who is either looking for particular type of services and products.

Cost cutting in advertising.

Digital marketing is not providing only exposure to your product and service but actually it driving the catalogue of your product to the customer who is interested and looking for similar services.The cost of marketing is reduced because now the the audience you want to target is less in number on other hand somehow the audience is interested one.
so it seems like the way of inbound marketing you are creating a funnel according to the search preferences of consumer  on the basic of their search preference , you are driving him to 
particular product or service and now the customer is exactly targeted toward what he is searching now the chance of converson are more the 80%.
On the other hand the traditional way of marketing involve a large number of people to approach customer and the other things like banner,poster,are required which means again lot of investment.
And the biggest disadvantage of being traditional marketing you cant keep performance record and goal cant be created for future and you don't have any created audience.
But in digital marketing you have a particular track record of every person and the concept of remarketing will always keep  him pitched from your product and service.
The future is digital marketing every company have to shift its marketing strategy from traditional to digital then only survival is possible .