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Article 50.Digital marketingthe future of digital India.

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Digital marketing the future of digital India

The dilemma of carrier in digital marketing will be clarified after you read this complete article.


Nowdays companies from pin to plane are online the graph of sales online is always increasing as compared to traditional way of sales.The concept of planned inbound sales is so much growing that now days its very easy to target your audience market based on their taste,place and the product requirement for which you want to target them.
If every company is shifting his business to online then definately the demand of digital marketer will rise and fortunately this is only field which do not demand degree but the skill only let you progress in this field for that you have to be well experienced and productive.
If someone think digital marketing is a cakewalk like you hold a degree and paid in lakhs so you are wrong but positive side if you are passionate enough to work so there will be money flushed in the market for you. You will be paid for your talent.
The market posses a huge potential for digital marketing industry but this field require regular practice to move with the current marketing strategy.

2.Why India?

As the era of outsourcing started the India emerged a better market for the world basically the companies established in foreign country now got the opportunity outsource their services through India as we have large people unemployed so the foreign companies outsourced their services at low price as compared to their country. And on other hand the people of India got employment and paid well in due to currency differenciation.

3.Growth of digital marketing sector?

Similar boon we are going to expect in the field of digital marketing Industry
We can not stress this enough. The arrival of Digital technology as a commonplace tool for the India of tomorrow could speed up every aspect of life in the country, from professional to personal.”

"A Wise Man makes his own decisions; An Ignorant Man follows Public Opinion”
So be a wise decision maker for yourself and start early to learn digital and enter into this sector to taste the future benefits of this industry.

This Industry includes a plan to provide Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity for all. This means more people using mobiles and Internet and hence there would be indirect benefit to the digital companies, as they would then be able to reach more people digitally.
As the Digital Industry would grow, there would be more opportunities for digital agencies and hence more job opportunities for people. So learning digital would really help them to get jobs for themselves in this sector.

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