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Article 52 Digital advertisement scope

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Digital advertisement scope 

Digital advertising scope is the future of promotion.As the internet touched the life of people it just changed the way they live.They way they perform their activity,nowdays its like that everything is just available on click.

A Person whenever he required something the very first step he perform he search for that product on google and here is the opportunity now the consumer itself interestet in searching for the product of his need.The very first step of approaching consumer is solved .
There are different ways of digital marketing:

1.Promoting your product and service on adward.
2.Promoting your product and service on social media.
3.Promoting your product and service on application.

The above listed are primary activity which cover the basic of digital marketing.

1.Google Adward 

Google adward is the advertisement platform of google which cover advertising your product through various mode.
a)Search network campaign
b)Display network campaign
c)Search and display network campaign
d)Video campaigns
e)Universal App campaigns

2.Social media

e)google plus

Every topic will be covered in detail in upcoming articles.
Basically the digital advertising is a concept of targeting people on the bases of their taste,demography and various other factor the factor on the bases of which you wanna to cover your targeted audience.
it will be easy to narrow down your search and target the few number of people with quality advertising so that those people generate more converson as compared to traditional way of exposure advertisement where you target everyone without knowing their taste and other preference.

When you target the crowd the advertisement budget will be diluted in large number of people and quality of advertisement will be low and the customer attraction will be very low as compared when it comes to digital advertisement you have a platform where you exactly know the taste of consumer and the class of consumer ,there the customer will be pitched on the basic of their interest.

Now the budget of advertisement will be used on the targeted audience and the rate of converson will be high the other pro of digital advertisement is you can track the result of every word you advertising and your amount will be completely tracked that how best it can be used and give more converson.

The future belong to the digital marketing the future of digital india is an opportunity to grow.