Tuesday, 16 August 2016

HANDICRAFT MAKING...Upcoming Industrial boom...

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Handicraft making Industry

Challange to the growth of handicraft making industry.

The Handicraft making industry  shown the immense growth in the past decade the exchange of cultural knowledge develop the interest of people in the handicraft goods of other countries.The cultural diversity of India gave the opportunity to Indian crafter's ,and the doors of new industry opened and lot of people who are involved traditionally grab the opportunity and changed their life a lot number of people shifted from other sectors to handicraft making sectors.

As this sector provide the better opportunity the challanges to the industry are same and the the crafters of India knows that tis industry is growing industry so they work hard on handicraft making bt the result are not very greatful.The another part which is very important is the export of indian handicraft goods to the foreign countries .

The people who are involved in it are not too educated and not well versed with the process of exporting their goods.So the another group of people utilised the opportunity and new type of people came to the market "Exporters"which manupilate the cost of handicraft goods in india at their own wish and let the talented people suffer and the get very little amount for the fine art work and these expoter sell these goods in foreign countries at very high price and enjoying the huge margin.


 is a company which will not buy goods and sell them in foreign companies bt will only assist the small industry craft to promote their goods and help them out in their business so that they can enjoy the full value of their fine artistic talent and instead of making exporters rich can work for themselves and make profit for themselves and can give country a better assist by paying taxes as the money will be earned .