Monday, 5 September 2016

What is Digital marketing content writing?

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What is Digital marketing content writing?

The content of digital marketing is slightly different from normal content writing.In digital marketing as i discussed content is king,content is the backbone of blogging.Content on the internet cant be written like you write normally.

What is the motive of writing content on internet?

Today so many people use internet and now days everybody wants to write on internet but is it possible that whatever we are writing is visible to the world,the answer is YES.
But if yes the the content written by anyone tom dick and harry should be visible , here we are stucked,and the result what we get now is slightly different and surprising.
Do as we write content definitely exist on internet but it is not sure that it is been exposed to the internet.Whatever we will write it will definitely stored in the memory of google but there is no surety that we exist on internet so we are going to exposed to the world.
The basic thing  which will rank you or expose you on google is your content then only SEO will help out to gain stability on google algorithm

What art  the primary pillars of content?

1.Relevance to the topic.
2.Query or keyword density to be maintained(2%).
3.Keyword should be there in URL.
4.Article should be minimum of 500 words.
5.Keyword should be there in anchor text.
6.Keyword there should be there in head ,title and sub heads.

1.Relevance to the Topic

Relevancy to the topic is referred that the article is written should be relevant to the topic.It should be not like that if you are writing about a specific topic and the content is not relevant then the user may find irrelevant and immediatly exit from website which will increase the bounce rate and google will downrank you.

2.Query or keyword density to be maintained(2%).

The quantity of keyword should be included up to 2% so at the time of search it indicates to the google that about this keyword we contain information let the visitor will be exposed to our topic.,

3.Keyword in URL.

Keyword should be there in URL for the signal of google to indicate or to transmit the signal information so that the content is to be exposed to the user.

4.Article should be 500 words.

Article should be of 500 hundred words so that the interest of consumer should be maintained and if the article is large it can be splitted to 2 or more articles to that consumer interest is maintained and by switching page bounce rate of website  is maintained.

5.Keyword in the anchor text?

Keyword in the content should be anchor text and interlinked to other pages for creating information funnel for the user.

6.Keyword should be there in Heads,Title and sub heads.

Keyword there on head ,title,and sub heads should be also anchored to other pages so that it help us out to get the heads and sub heads clicked  so that user stay on your blog/website and increase the user interface time on the site.