Amazing Jail tourism Sangareddy jail Telangana

Experience Amazing Jail tourism at Sangareddy jail Telangana

In this article of out Travel blog.We will explore something different.Travelling to beautiful places is common have you ever wondered how to spent a night in the jail at “sangareddy jail Telangana “.Wait!wait! you dont need o commit a crime for that.Pack your bag and be ready to experience the jail tourism at “sangareddy jail museum” Telangana.

The Staff started using an empty jail as a productive place.The concept and vision behind the jail tourism at Sangareddy jail Telangana is to let the people experience that how it feel when you spent time in Jail.sangareddy jail Telangana.From the aspect of social cause it make the people feel the true experience of jail and it make the people to avoid the aspect of crime in life and to live life a gentlemen in society.Instead ofliving like a criminal in Jail.

Under the programe of jail tourism programe at sangareddy jail tourism.The tourist have to pay a nominal charges of 500 rupees.When you enter the jail your all belongings will be taken away and deposited. In the programme people will be provided a uniform,a steel mug,blanket like prisoners and nominal toiletries.

To make the experience real the food served at jail will be similar to the jailfood.Its like you are in jail with only hope you will be free tommorow and the thought which strike your mind in jail is “the people who dont even have hope to be free ” this thought will
change the perspective of life and the way you think. sangareddy jail Telangana.

History of sangareddy jail Telangana.

The Sangareddy imprison was initially worked in 1796 by Nizam Ali Khan of Hyderabad. Intended to house the Nizam’s steeds, the building was later made into a correctional facility under the British frontier organization. A few political detainees were kept at the Sangareddy imprison.

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