Where to buy original perfumes in Delhi

Looking to buy original perfumes in Delhi

The significance of perfume is unique in human personality.Sometimes it becomes your identity fragrance.So you are looking to buy original and best perfumes in Delhi.

Here I am taking you to the Conjusted and steepy streets of old Delhi to answer your question “Where to buy original perfumes in Delhi” .Definately the perfume shop carry historic significance and about 2 centuary of establishment.Dont be surprised but this is true!

The perfume shop was build back in 1816,and today also selling perfumes in Dariba Kalan which is Asia’s largest jewellry market.

The store is Delhi’s oldest perfume store and is famous all over the country for it’s authentic fragrances, which are made using fresh flowers and sandalwood oil.

A wall clock made in 1852 adds to the charm of the shop which is now managed by Praful Gundhi and his brothers, seventh generation of the city’s most famous family of perfumers.

Loyal Customers of best perfumes in Delhi

Best perfumes in delhi

As the owner narrates that the complete mughal history is shows that the importance of perfumes in their culture.The “ittar” word taken from urdu which means the liquid of fragrance.The Gulab Singh one who started the best prfume shop in Delhi use to showcase his collection of perfumes in the court of Akbar Shah II and to other important mughal authorities at that time.

The making of best perfumes in Delhi

best place to buy perfumes in delhi
best place to buy perfumes in delhi

They have two distilleries in rose growing areas in Uttar Pradesh.The pure Ruh-e-gulab is extracted from the roses here.

The most expensive perfume  in best perfumes in Delhi – a 10 gram bottle of Ruh-e-Gulab – costs 18,000 rupees ($276; £180); the cheapest – a variant of the rose perfume – comes for 1,000 rupees.

The process involve in making of best perfumes in Delhi is “the flower must be plucked after the sunset immedietly and must be processed before the sunrise to lock the fragrance in the perfume.

These are different from the the perfumes trending in market today.These ittars are completely alcohol free in nature and lasts for long time.

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