Political activist to Professional Blogger

choudharu shivam
Choudhary Shivam


Hey Welcome to all reader,

Here in the introduction i won’t be explaining the professional achievement of my Travel blog and all the awards that the blog earned and the very important of blogger life the so called “income statement”.

The Journey started back in 2016,the era of digital marketing is on the peak.So called slogan “DIGITAL INDIA” was in trend.

As thinking about carrier in Digital marketing .I completed my diploma of digital marketing.I was in a mood to make money from home.I picked up few marketing projects and started working on them.Mostly project were from political campaign.

I worked in the digital media team of BJP and as well as Aam Aaadmi Party.Being from the farmer background I am pro to the Farmer revolution . I have done a project of gathering the farmer at Jantar Mantar. The number of people aseembled there are 30 thousand.

The Blogging was never primary goal.But as the saying says “Birds of same feather flock together”

I started my  Blog Virtual Nerves and sooner it ranked among the best information  and content feeding source for People.