10 famous market in Lucknow for shopping

Guide to shop in famous market in Lucknow

The Lucknow is very famous for the Nawabi Adab. Here in our Travel blog we are goung to discuss about the Famous markets in Lucknow.The Lucknow is the political capital of Uttar Pradesh. There are various tourist Attraction and few other famous shopping markets in Lucknow.The Lucknow is very famous for chickankari and the adab.

Here is the list of famous shopping markets in Lucknow


From the time of nawab of Awadh.The aminabad market is one of the famous market of Lucknow.The market is famous for clothes,jewellry and paan shops.Thursday is the day when the vendors assembles roadside for ferry market.The famous Tunda kawab  of Lucknow and wahid biryani corner is here in the market.

This market is just 2 km from the Railway station and you ca easily get a rikshaw for this place.


The market is idenified from a Palace and Mosque.This is one of famous market of Lucknow very prominent place for Brand consious people.Like other markets the shops of Fresh vegetables,fruit and electronic are also here.Famous market in Lucknow
From Charbagh station the market is 3 kilometer away bus and autos are available to reach here.


The market is very famous for its garments.The Lucknow tradmark Chickenkari fabric is prominent product of this market.The very famous Raja Thandai shop of Lucknow is here.


This is yet a market of authentic significance. This market was made for the British and the regular Indians and Dogs were not permitted in the market in those circumstances. Just the prominent individuals were permitted here. Be that as it may, today this market has turned into the superior shopping goal. There are different showrooms, outlets, celebrated eateries, huge lodgings and silver screen lobbies here. Likewise you can attempt the Chaat at King of talk or at Shuklas here.Famous market in Lucknow

5.Janapath market

This market is just about a piece of Hazaratganj yet at the same time altogether different from Hazaratganj. Here you will discover little shops and different outlets that offer you items at extremely focused costs. You can deal to your heart’s substance and shop for assortment of things like articles of clothing, Chikankari, woolens in winters, knickknacks, cowhide belts, shoes, and so forth.

6.Bhootnath market

This market is likewise known by the name of RSM Nagar showcase is known as Bhootnath because of the well known Shiva Temple in the focal point of the market. It is likewise a standout amongst the most happening markets in Lucknow. You can get nearly everything in this market from garments to utensils to hardware to adornments. Whatever you can consider, you will arrive. This market being a neighborhood showcase additionally takes into consideration some bartering. Indeed, even crisp products of the soil can be purchased from here.Famous market in Lucknow

7.Nakkhas market

This is the most established market of Lucknow and in the event that you are setting out to Lucknow on Sunday then you should visit this market early morning. On this day you will get one of a kind things that are just accessible in this market. There are numerous sorts of shops both old and new and you should visit this market for the thing that you couldn’t discover anyplace else in Lucknow. You can even buy fowls and little pets in this market.Famous market in Lucknow

8.Latouche Road

This is a standout amongst the most clamoring markets of Lucknow to the extent the electronic products are concerned. The market is fixed with the shops that offer the electronic products. There are two things that you should not neglect to do here. You should not neglect to deal here as this market is simply offering things at high rate however right sort of deal will get you a similar thing not as much as a large portion of the cost.Famous market in Lucknow

9. Yahiyaganj

This market lies near Nakkhas advertise and is an entire deal market of beautifying agents, garments, toys, utensils, wafers kitchen things and flavors. The rates here are low a direct result of the entire deal rates. You could visit the well known Gurudwara here. Amid the Diwali Season, this shopping market in Lucknow is exceptionally swarmed because of the nearness of parcel of wafer shops.Famous market in Lucknow

10. Naka Hindola

This is another market in Lucknow that is acclaimed for gadgets. You can purchase gadgets of various sorts from this market at exceptionally sensible costs. There is a major extent of haggling here and you should remain be careful with the copy stuff being sold in the market.Famous market in Lucknow

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