Famous Travel Spot Mussaman Burj Agra

Famous Travel Spot Mussaman Burj Agra

The agra is full of historical monument buildings let it be Taj Mahal, Itmad-ud-Daulah’s Tomb Agra.Musamman Burj Agra is one of the significant building of Agra.Also names as the Octagonal Tower,this monument was build by the Shah Jahn and dedicated this palace to his beloved queen Mumtaj Mahal.

In the end of his life days before he was prisoned the building worked as a resort for him.Some of the famous market of Agra are nearby to this monument.  The monument constructed in 1631-40 offers a concentric view of Taj. The dome architect is comprised of gilded copper.I f we talk about the flooring of the monument it is constructed from pure marble resembling to the playing board of pachisi. Hence it is also named Pachisi Court.It is said the emperor used to play the game of pachisi here.

A portion of the other striking components of this landmark are the fastidiously arranged and assembled vertical columns and the flat chhajja. These are astutely upheld on pleasant sections. Shah Burj, a little structure is the most lovely and decorated piece of this fortification. Visitors can have a nearby take a gander at the lotus tank adapted for the structure.

It is the real feature of structure. The tank has a lovely wellspring right in the inside, dazzlingly cut and
decorated with delightful semi-valuable stones. The magnificence of Musamman Burj Agra lies in its vaulted marble rooftop. It is said that thestructure was painted wonderfully and regally with various tones and gold.

Musamman Burj isan independent structure in itself and involves unmistakable patios and showers. Majestic showers and Diwan-I-Khas can be gotten to through a carefully fabricated entry here. It is said that the place was incorporated with a little marble cleared room.

The room was kept extremely cool amid summers utilizing a channel and a waterfall. Columns and dado boards had trim works portraying exquisite and extremely sleek outskirts and unpredictably cut plants in the middle. It likewise have delightful Chinese cloud frames and customary botanical examples. Musamman Burj Agra.

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