Haunted Bonacaud bungalow of Kerala

The story of Haunted Bonacaud bungalow of Kerala

The human is a race which love to discover answer for every question.The haunted Bonacaud bungalow of kerala  is also a question with lot of supernatural activities.In the mis of green forest the views of Agasthya mountain lies the famous haunted bonacaud bungalow.The haunted bonacaud bungalow is also known as the GB23 Bungalow as it is build by British rule.


As like other buildings of ancient time in dayhours also it became a haunted manson as people speak a boy’s spirit welcome you.Do not try to go alone.
According to the stories which are narrated by people who visited tell the haunted bonacaud bungalow is one of the most haunted place of kerala and during the night hours it become the most creepiest place in kerala.

Haunted Bonacaud bungalow of Kerala
Haunted Bonacaud bungalow of Kerala

What happened in Haunted Bonacaud bungalow of kerala?

The story of bonacaud bungalow is from british rule ,the bungalow is used for sprawling tea plantation.It is believed and told by people that one the young children of the owner were died in mysterious condition.After the death of children couple went back to London.

What is happening now in  Haunted Bonacaud bungalow of kerala?

The people who visited and nearby tell that a spirit of young boy wander here in and around the manson “the spirit is beleived of same child”.Many more sounds can be heard from the Bonacaud bungalow of kerala like breaking of glasses and screaming of child.Sometime an air bubble of boy ghost is also visible as told by local and visitors.
Afterall the bungalow is still a mystery.

One such paranormal legend is a reserved bunglow in the Bonacaud district of Trivandrum, Kerala. Frightfulness isn’t the main thing that hits in the head when you hear Kerala, you consider rich green valleys and clear skies… however then in the midst of all that magnificence, lies a haunted house.

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