Haunted Sulphur Spring Tower of Tampa Florida

Is the haunted  sulphur spring tower of Tampa really haunted?

The sulphur spring tower of Tampa,Florida served as a landmark to the city earlier.It is said this tower served the pirates to navigate the coastline.Nobody knows that when the tower is destroyed but the water tower which is put in its place in the year 1927.The sulphur tower of Tampa was build by a local developer to serve as a water supplier to the Sulphur spring hotel and Mave’s Arcade,the first shopping mall of in Florida.

The story of haunted sulphur spring tower of Tampa:

The story which describe that the tower is haunted goes like this.Tampa was developing well suddenly the depression hit the United states.The people started to commit sucide from the tower hence the people start calling is sucidal tower.Now the area is developed but today also the standing sulphur tower of Tampa describe the dark side of American history.The belief which is narrated by locals id that the sulphur tower of tampa is haunted by those who ended their lives there. One local who claimed to feel the paranormal activities says these rumors are true.As per nearby legend it is presently spooky by the spirits of long dead pirates  who are as yet scanning sulphur spring tower of Tampa for  the treaure that was never found. There have been sightings of a phantom ship flying a privateer signal and there are stories of a ghastly ocean animal that is seen every so often in unearthly shape dragging a young lady down into the briney profound.

sulphur spring tower
sulphur spring tower

This place has been cursed for quite a long time. It had a lift and perception deck and when the Stock Market Crash of 1929, Black Tuesday , a few people took the lift to the finish and hopped off to commited suicide. No less than one was affected by liquor at the time. A few other bizarre passing happened in twentieth century, unsafe to swim in water around tower, and so forth., incredible this – could be microscopic organisms from meningitis contamination parasite or it could be a revile. Additionally, the group lobbyist who got the city to light the pinnacle around evening time, kicked the bucket directly after the night lighting was approved.

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