List of famous market in Amritsar

What to shop in  famous market in Amritsar

Golden Temple of Amritsar is the Place of peace.The famous market in Amritsar are Unique with high end quality products.The Amritsar have varied traditional shopping malls to fulfill all the shopping requirement.The Traveller’s are always ought to carry sovinir’s .Markets of Amritsar will be going to provide you with a good shopping experience.Here you will find the traditional goods and various International goods.The Punjab is very famous for its traditional Phulkari ,jewellry items,handmade carpet and patiala salwar garments.

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famous market in amritsar
 famous market in amritsar

In this article we will list down the famous market in Amritsar.

  • Hall Bazaar the oldest famous market in Amritsar is in the way to Golden temple.You will find Patiala salwar,Punjabi jootis,handicraft and sovinir’s shop.
  • Katra Jaimal Singh Market the market is very famous for Original Phulkari and for the collection of wollen clothing,pashminas,saris,hand-beaded dresses and a large variety of woodwork jewellry items.
  • Guru Bazaar the market is famous for the “jadau” jewellry.Here you will find the chess pieces made from ivory.
  • Lohri Gate Market the market is popular for its accumulation of Kashmiri pashmina shawls, cotton suits, and customary jootis. The market is likewise a sustenance heaven with various eateries serving Punjabi cooking.
  • Shastri Market  has many wholesale shops selling textile and traditional garments
  • Lawrence Road has an extensive variety of decisions for any customer including marked and conventional dress, assortment of rugs, adornments shops, and shops offering shawls and woolen materials.
  • Kathian Bazaar is famous market in Amritsar for for a range of traditional blankets, colourful wedding bangles, and tin pots.
  • Tahili Sahib Bazaar one of the most seasoned shopping places in Amritsar, Tahili Sahib Bazaar is situated in the more established piece of Amritsar city. The bazaar is enlivened with conventional shops offering Punjabi juttis (or footwear), and dupattas made of glossy silk.




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