How to reach Lord Vishnu

How to reach Lord Vishnu

The hindu mythhology is a great believer of reaching their God.Here we will discuss about how to reach lord vishnu.The hindu mythology speaks Lord vishnu is the creator of the world.The mythology speaks about the two faces of lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is also known as sheshnag. How to reach Lord Vishnu

Steps How to reach Lord Vishnu

• A genuine and dedicated profound sadhana is the imperial street to achieve Lord Vishnu.

• There are three methods of otherworldly sadhana including the method for activity (Karma Marg), the method for learning (Gnan Marg) and the method for dedication (Bhakti Marg). The most straightforward of these ways is dedication, particularly amid the time of Kali.

• Abstain from lie, liberality in joys and any sort of corrupt acts; have a devout existence committed to dedication and philanthropy.

• Keep droning the glories and names of Lord Vishnu however much as could be expected and continue going by His sanctuaries whatever number as could be expected under the circumstances to appreciate him in numerous structures and names.

Why to reach lord Vishnu

Life on the earth is transient and unusual. It is loaded with distresses and sufferings. The human body is delicate and inclined to decay and demolition one day or the other. Earth or Bhulok is never the lasting home people. Earth is the transitory place where people go back and forth to appreciate the products of their activities whether great or awful. Consequently it is the dharma of each person to pine for an existence that is more celestial and great. Achieving Vishnu is the salvation. It is flexibility from all agonies and the constrained presence. The cycle of births and passings arrives at an end when the spirit achieves Lord Vishnu.How to reach Lord Vishnu

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