Mora 120 wood carving knife

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Mora 120 wood carving knife

        Mora 120 wood carving knife

Mora 120 wood carving knife  is a particularly fascinating alternative for some reasons I will soon cover.This specific blade has a sufficiently short slope so you can accomplish points of interest while whittling. Mora 120 wood carving knife utilized for shaving off bigger material than the 120.

Best Product Features

One of the principal things I saw that I completely refreshing about Mora 120 wood carving knife blade is not just the nature of it at the cost, however the handle. You can find in the photo that the oiled birch wood handle has a thick focus body and disperse on either side, this is particularly perfect when cutting for an augmented timeframe since Mora 120 wood carving knife fits easily in the hand. That, as well as since the handle isn’t painted at all it doesn’t bring about rankles. It accompanies a plastic sheath that can be joined to your belt. The general length is 165 mm, approximately 6 1/2″, and the sharp edge is 60 mm. Distinct line partitions the two steels utilized for this item. Being a covered steel Mora 120 wood carving knife has a high carbon steel for the center sandwiched between two layers of permit steel. Comes evil sharp appropriate from the plant, and inept simple to hone.

Short Tip:

The most discussed component of the Mora 120 wood carving knife  isn’t its birch wood handle, nor the high carbon steel its made with, in spite of the fact that these are fantastic qualities to have, they bashful in contrast with what is worked for:

Mora 120 wood carving knife short tip.

The mobility and probability for entangled cutting strategies the Mora 120 has would make you need to get it at this moment. It’s solid, reasonable, and a damn decent blade for intermediates and fledglings.


The reason I prescribed the 106 before is on the grounds that the 120 shouldn’t be utilized for bigger bits of wood, broaden your thumb and pinky finger inverse from each other and the wood shouldn’t be any greater than that. You’ll need the 106 to shave off bigger pieces so you can then run in with the 120 to detail the wood better. Another reliable issue is that it dulls rather quick, which isn’t a major issue yet honing with a stone in the vicinity of 400 and 8000 ought to be great then simply sharpening once it begin to get dull.


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