7 Outdoor cafes in Chennai for dining

Outdoors cafes in Chennai for dining

Chennai is a beautiful place and the dining experience in outdoor cafes in Chennai will be a pleasant worthy.The morning and evening become beautiful and pleasant for spending the time outside.In our Travel blog we will list down the outdoor cafes in Chennai.

Here is the list of  Outdoors cafes in Chennai for dining

1.Wild Garden Café – Amethyst

The cafe was started back in year 2000.The Amethyst cafe is one of the best outdoor cafe in Chennai.The cafe highlight their garden and spacious seating,with lush green trees and plants.The plants are so well planted in a pattern they frame individual vicinity for you romantic and personal space.

2.Café De Paris

The cafe is inspired from a persian cafe from Paris.The cafe is one of the famous outdoor cafe in Chennai.The place will make you enjoyable in the pleasant evenings.In case the weather is unfavourable there is a Glass house which is completed AC.The glass panels will not obstruct the beautific and outsice vicinity.The cafe is perfect for the rainy season.

3.Azzuri Bay

This cafe is one of the famous outdoor cafe in Chennai.It is situated on the bank of Adyar river and offers a view of neighbouring estuary sea joint.The beautiful scene is accompanied by the pleasant breeze.The place is getting very famous for candle light evenings.They dont serve the alcohoel but the wine can be enjoyed with bae.

4.Kipling cafe

This ECR Café will help you to remember Amethyst, on account of its sprawling patio nursery, in the open air seating and cobbled pathways. The fundamental contrast being that they serve liquor here {though it is very costly, around INR 200 for a half quart of household beer}. Their seating alternatives are taken into account different gathering sizes, only you two? They have tables only for couples, would you say you are a group of four? They have corners made of stone columns and covered cabins, more than four? They have meeting corridor write tables as well! outdoor cafes in Chennai

Cooling is dealt with by their scope of fans for each table so rest guaranteed boozy nights will dependably be an agreeable issue at Kipling Café

5.D cafe

This free house turned bistro has extraordinary compared to other in the open air eating encounters in Chennai and is situated in the core of T Nagar. Taking a gander at the photographs one would be deceived in to deduction this bistro is anyplace yet in the focal point of Chennai, because of the measure of greenery it has. Rich is the word best used to depict the setting, as greeneries and palms overlay over the numerous corners it has. The green from the garden is supplemented with the sumptuous beige/darker stylistic layout. The bricked dividers, wooden tables and stick furniture truly run well with the normal subject the bistro has. There’s even a minor wooden walkway that goes over a stream!outdoor cafes in Chennai

6.The Crown – Residency Towers

The most noteworthy housetop eatery on our rundown, offers an entire 360 degree perspective of the city. Arranged in T Nagar, The Crown was one of the main eateries of its kind in Chennai to offer such a view. It even has a boundlessness pool to encompass the eatery, so from a few edges it nearly appears as though it is unified with the ocean. {No swimming permitted though}. Stylistic layout savvy it is really sparse, with the principle draw being the perspective of the city from that tallness. In spite of the fact that don’t give the absence of stylistic theme a chance to trick you in to deduction this place isn’t upscale. The wooden ground surface, enormous light fixtures, huge window ornaments do little to give a false representation of the class that this place has. It is after every one of the one of the most seasoned fine eating eateries in the city.outdoor cafes in Chennai


This last passage isn’t precisely in Chennai. Moonrakers is this marquee eatery in Mahabalipuram that minds blowing fish and is arranged only 100m from the shoreline! Presently the drive to Mahabs will take you around 30-40 mins, however we contend that you’re in an ideal situation investing that energy driving down the beautiful ECR than in an automobile overload on Mount Road. Known for its reasonably valued nourishment and drink, this fish eatery has open air seating with year round ocean breeze to keep you cool. There is almost no in the method for style as there are simply tables and seats accessible. Yet, that won’t make any difference one piece as you’re getting a charge out of the breeze, tasting on a cool lager sitting tight for your lip smacking singed angle.outdoor cafes in Chennai


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