VIRTUAL NERVES is a company which involved in providing digital and networking platform to every startups.

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Nowdays the internet gave the opportunity to globalise your product. product  and services  are sold online in large quantities because the buyer sitting in another country have better option to search for the product of his and her choice.And can search products from large variety.The seller of India brought their product catalogue online but the problem starts when the large number of seller join the league of online promoting their product.But internet is a technical field which require skillful people to maintain the website and promotion updates of products so large number of seller don't get the desired result and gave up the idea of promoting Indian product online.

As government of India launched the scheme "DIGITAL INDIA"it created the opportunity for the people who are not primary involved in producing goods and services but they can work as promotor's of particular industry to promote the goods at different  level.

Who will be going to work in such type of promotor online Industry? People involved in the primary sector are not well versed with the opportunity and  they are lacking in the technical skills which are very important to market yourself in through internet.

VIRTUAL NERVES is a company which promote the goods from various part of country.A team of digital marketers observe the international market through analytics data find out the demand of which type of product is there, in "particular place" or in a "period of time".And further  help the seller to promote their product to targeted people.

And we also believe people should earn with us.So we also believe in the pattern of network marketing.Which will help the people to connect us to various people who are interested in working with us in the booming industry.