Panchpula place to visit in dalhousie

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Panchpula Dalhousie India points of interest

If you are planning to visit Dalhousie . This is for you Panchpula is a beautiful place with many tourist spots and travel points.The place is awesome for the for a peaceful trip. When you want to connect to the nature and enjoy the natural beauty and from the photography point of view you can make your friend jeolus with the photographs with this beautiful place.
The place is all year tourist spot but better you visit in summer and it will be memorable trip for you.

Panchpula the beautiful spot is only 3 km far from GPO(Gandhi Chowk Market).Nearby you will found samadhi of great freedom fighter Ajit Singh.

Interesting facts about Panchpula Dalhousie

  • Panchpula is the significant wellspring of water for Dalhousie and other encompassing areas.
  • This slope station is honored with various water-falls and new water springs.
  • Surges of Panchpula are celebrated for its therapeutic properties and recuperating powers.
  • With limit winding ways secured with thick ranger service, the locale is a most loved spot for trekkers.
  • Panchpula is where Sardar Ajith Singh inhaled his last.

How to reach :

Book a train to Chakki Bank Railway Station and this is your safest bet to reach the region in comfort. The railway station is only a mere 45 kms away . From here you can avail, local transportation or arrange a private taxi to reach the place.

Nearby Attractions

  • Saint Patrick’s Church
  • Sach Pass
  • Satdhara Springs
  • Chamera Lake
  • Garam Sadak
  • Rang Mahal
  • The Church of Saint Francis
  • Dainkund Peak

This place is appropriate for trekking to Dain Kund to see the best normal excellence that untruths covered up between the unexplored ways. Voyagers can appreciate a break and appreciate the brilliant atmosphere of Panchpula. There are some sustenance and tea slows down and government tourism eatery arranged around, where guests can make the most of their trek by eating nourishment, by clicking touring and so forth. The Spot is situated at a short separation from gandhi chowk so individuals can without much of a stretch reach there by walking.


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