How to place ganesha idol at home

Why to place ganesha idol at home?

The God of prosperity Ganesha is a symbol to be placed in home.But the question arise how to place Ganesha idol at home perfectly .The vastu speaks keeping the Ganesha idol at right place bring prosperity.In our best blog we will answer it.

To do’s and don’t  to Place ganesha idol at home

1. White Ganesha

The white Ganesha is symbol of peace and prosperity.Once you place ganesha idol at will attract wealth,happiness and prosperity.The very important point to be remember is that the idol must face toward the inside of house.

2. Best Direction

The direction which is most suitable to place Ganesha idol at home is east or west direction of the house.One of the prominent place where generally people place their Ganesha idol is northeast.Place the ganesh idol in such a way at the time of offering prayer’s you should face the nort or east.

3. No South

The direction south is the the no prefered zone to place the ganesha idol at home.The idol should not be near to the the toilet or the walls attached to the washroom.

4. No Bedroom

It is encouraged to not put symbols in rooms. Incase, you would need to,then keep it the upper east way. Likewise, according to vastu,feet ought not confront the icon.

5. Types of Idol

Ganesha symbol made up of mango, peepal, neem trees are said to draw in good fortunes and positive vitality. Vastu specialists consider symbols made of cow manure the most fortunate to annihilate distress and draw in great vibes. Also,crystal statues are accepted to evacuate all Vastu Doshas and along these lines changing life instantly.Turmeric symbols, however are viewed as the exceptionally propitious ones.

6. Best Offering

A little bowl of rice, put infront of Ganesha is an incredible offering.It is fitting to put icon on a raised stage.

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