Famous Blue pottery of Jaipur

blue pottery of jaipur

Introduction to blue pottery of Jaipur

When the ports are painted with beautiful designs this art of painting the ports let to Section known as blue pottery.

There are vast varieties of design semi-transparent decorated with culture dance moves historical weapon display, flower ,animal Birds the poetry is made up using Egyptian paste and baked on low temperature and a mixture of Quartz stone powder glass powder multani mitti blocks and gum is mixed with all process make the poetry appearance unique and glossy for long term blue pottery the pottery includes items like tiles pots, door knobs and plates.

The history of blue pottery of Jaipur

Historically the art pottery is as older as the human Civilization today the excerpt of pottery can be seen in the barrels of old human civilization. The the pink city Jaipur was well civilized as the center of  blue pottery found and interesting route in finding Jaipur as home.

How blue pottery of Jaipur introduced in pink city

Ram Singh II attended a kite flying competition where two brothers from Ajmera bring Royal kite Ram Singh second found that the secret the devar Potter’s hand painted their string with blue green glass which they used for painting the pots Ram Singh II was impressed the brothers was invited by him to stay in Jaipur and teach this unique blue pottery at his new school.

From where the colors of blue pottery of Jaipur are extracted

Blue colour is Black Out from Cobalt oxide green colour is plugged out from copper oxide and white from other non conventional colour such as yellow and brown

Origin of the pattern of blue pottery

The the historic patterns and motifs in blue pottery are originated from persia. The potters have developed vast variety of patterns including floral,geometric designs,animals,birds,many dieties like goodess durga,lord ganesh,lord shiva.

Process of making Blue pottery of Jaipur

The process of making blue pottery is time consuming and difficult.It includes five ingredients previously mentioned.It is then rolled and flattened to form 4-5m.m thick tourtilla(chapatti) which is put into mould with a mixture of fine Bajri(stone) and Raakh (ashes of burnt wood).The mould is now turn upside down and pluk out the dough and remain the dough out for drying .The pottery item,cleaned and shaped into different products and rubbed with Regmaal.

Regmaal is used to polish the surface . Then it is dip in solution of quartez powder , glass powder, edible flaver And water. After this the pot is left from drying. After the drying pot. The design is constructed own it with a solution of cobalt oxide edible gum colouring off blue party is done by using of various oxides of many metals . The oxides of metals are mixed with edible gum and then pots are painted with brush.

Final touch in process of making blue pottery .

The touch is given by coting of glaze done on the products by mixing glass powder,broax,zinc,oxide and Boric acid.This mixture is melted and left for cooling,after cooling small pebbles are made which are grinded to a powderd form and painted on the vessel after mixing with water and edible flour.Finally the pottery and other products are heated in the closed klin filled with coal at temperature of 800° to 850°Celsius.


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