Skydeck Willis Tower Chicago,USA

A brief of Skydeck Willis Tower Chicago,USA

A skyview of 110 story building of chicago’s is Willis Tower.It is not only the tallest building of the world.Generally it is also termed magnificient icon.You cant afford to miss this  Chicago skyview.

The year 1969 was the time when Sears Roebuck and company was running with 350000 employees.At that time company was first to engaged with highest  number of employee.The increasing number of
employees made the company to take step of establshing office.

Construction and design of skydeck willis tower:

The building is so well designed on the concept of “bundle tube” that can handle both wine and gravity
well.It took three years to construct and in 1973 the building was completed.In 1988 a London based global insurance broker purchased the building and named it “Willis Tower”

Best time to visit skydeck Willis Tower:

  • Arriving just prior to opening time is a great way to start a day
  • Approximately one hour prior to sunsets typically provides all three views (daytime, twilight, and nighttime), along with dramatic sunsets (weather permitting).

Visitor Inside Tips When Visiting Willis Tower:

  • In todays life of social media exposure a trip is not said to be wondeful untill ,unless you have
    beautiful and memorable photographs.So definately  carry your best camera.
  • From the children point of view the skydeck at  willis tower is child friendly and availablity
    of family bathrooms at lower museum.
  • Yes, it is. Ramps make wheelchair access easy. Our elevators can easily accommodate wheelchairs and scooters.

Skydeck Chicago is the perception deck on the 103rd story of the building. Around 1.7 million travelers visit Skydeck Chicago consistently. On a sunny morning, you can see more than 50 miles toward every path and see four states. The lifts inside the building are among a portion of the speediest on the planet, working as quick as 1,600 feet for each moment. In 2009, Skydeck Chicago opened its most up to date fascination, The Ledge, 4 glass boxes that expand 4.3 feet outside the Tower and stand 1,353 feet above Wacker Drive. With glass on the roof, floor, and all sides, it is really, an exceptional experience

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