Story of most haunted place in Delhi cantt

The most haunted place in Delhi cantt “Cantt street”

One of the most haunted place in Delhi cantt is the street.The beautiful and lush green Delhi cantt is beautiful in the day time but as the sun goes to dawn the beauty glorify with the cars and the organised and well maintain Delhi cantt .After 12 the street goes calm and the twist is here you can experience the most haunted place in Delhi cantt.

The story behind most haunted place in Delhi cantt:

The people narrated that there was a lady killed in road accident thereafter her spirit can be felt and experienced by many people passing by that road during 1 am to 4 am.After few incident of paranormal activities people are suggested not to stop their vehicle to offer lift to someone.

The people who experienced the paranormal activities tell “A lady asks for lift and when you stop for helping her she disappear the other side of coin is if you don’t stop she runs behind your vehicle and suddenly jump in front of you and disappear.

The experience when told seems to be simple but the one who experienced at that moment the touched the heights of fear which appear in the way they tell about the incidents about most haunted place in Delhi cantt.


Here is the list of most haunted place in Delhi:

If you are finished  and concluded with the  most haunted place in Delhi cantt. Dont be surprise Delhi have the list of many haunted place. Here are few most haunted place will spook you out with the stories related to them.

  • Feroz Shah Kotla Fort
  • Lothian Cementry
  • Sanjay Van
  • Agrasen ki Baoli
  • Firoz shah kotla fort
  • Khooni Darwaza
  • Delhi Ridge area
  • House no w-13 gk 2
  • The Karkardooma court
  • DDA flats in Qutub enlave

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