Story of hanging pillar of lepakshi temple

History of Hanging pillar of Lepakshi temple

The India is full of mysterious places.Today we are about to pen down the the fine architect example “VEERABHADRA TEMPLE” also known as Lepakshi temple the one this which is mysterical is “the hanging pillar of lepakshi temple.

The Lepakshi Temple is situated  in the vicinity of Lepakshi village in Anantpur district of Andhra Pradesh.

The architect resembles the Vijayanagar architect style.The temple is full of various sculpture of God ,goddesses,dancers and musicians on the walls temple you will find the paintings depicting the stories of Mahabharata,Ramayana,Mahabharata and Puranas.

The hanging pillar of lepakshi temple is another wonder of ancient architect.Among the 70 pillars of lepakshi temple,you will find a pillar challanging gravity and hanging from ceiling.The base of pillar dont touch the ground.The lepakshi temple is build by the brothers Viranna and virupanna are the governers in Vijayanagar empire.

Nandi Sculpture in Lepakshi temple

The Lepakshi temple will welcome you with the largest monolithic Nandi sculupture.The sculpture of nandi is so well crafted that it deserve apreeciation to praise the architects ,the detailed finishing of the body parts of bull is praise worthy.The Nandi is crafted in a mood of inspiration and positivity.The vicinity of bull is well planned with greenery and flower bearing plants.The Bull is placed in a straight line of Lingam in courtyard.

Visit to Lepakshi is a celestial involvement in itself and it influences you to ponder about the faultless abilities of craftsmans which were shown in building this wonder. Their diligent work and assurance has been really deified.

The Lepakshi sanctuary is near the celebrated around the world pioneer town of Puttaparthi, where the closest OK settlement is accessible — whether in the ashram or in the Andhra Pradesh government-run Sai Aaramam. From here, it is a hour’s drive to the sanctuary. From Hyderabad it is around 480 km and around 130 km from Bangalore. The atmosphere is hot for the majority of the year and early mornings are the best time to visit. In the event that you have time, look at close-by Dharmavaram, the notable silk weaving focus, and Hindupur and encompassing towns where, exquisite cottons are woven.

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