The Temple of Nike Goddess of Victory

The history of temple of Nike Goddess of Victory

If we talk about the smallest temple in Acropolis in Athens then it is the temple of goddess Athena Nike.The temple of goddess Nike the “goddess of victory” was built in the year 420 B.C.E the period was considered classical period of that time. The Persian war destroyed the earlier temple then new temple was build.

In Greek mythology,the goddess Nike is considered the goddess of strength and victory.The goddess is also named winged goddess as it is often seen with wings in mostly pictures.Ancient Greeks people pray the goddess Greeek for long life, human strength.The Goddess Nike is considered about victory and being number one. The image of goddess Nike is sculpted on the Olym[pic Medal.Nike Goddess

Nike can likewise be seen with various articles. She in some cases conveys a kithara (lyre). Different circumstances she may hold a container or an incense burner. Infrequently she holds a bloom, different circumstances a band.

She is likewise regularly shown as a charioteer. Goddess Victoria over the Queen Victoria Memorial before Buckingham Palace, London. Pictures of Nike were discovered everywhere in Ancient Greece. She was a flat outmost loved picture on coins. Alexander the Great, one of the best winners ever had her picture on his gold coin.

The goddess Nike and the goddess Victoria as they called her in Ancient Rome are not overlooked. She is right up ’til the present time much utilized as an image of triumph. Landmarks of this winged goddess are discovered all finished Europe and furthermore in numerous spots in North America.Nike Goddess

Numerous individuals have a statue of Nike in their home. A statue of the goddess of triumph fills in as a decent suggestion to never surrender and you will have your day of transcendence and enormous achievement.These statues appear to be most mainstream among competitors, however individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds have begun to understand the capable imagery of being superb, being the best in their picked field.Nike Goddess

Some have an ornament or a coin with her picture as a fortunate charm on their journey to achieve the highest point of their field.


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