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आगरा बाजार नाटक की समीक्षा

आगरा बाजार नाटक की समीक्षा “आगरा बाज़ार” के 50 से अधिक वर्षों पहले पहली बार हबीब तनवीर द्वारा आयोजित किया गया था, आगरा के रंगमंच प्रेमियों का कहना है कि यह खेल अतीत के एक वफादार इतिहास था…

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How to reach Mehtab Bagh Agra

Mehtab Bagh Agra

How to reach Mehtab Bagh Agra or moonlight garden Before we discuss more about Mehtab Bagh Agra.We will answer the query how to reach Mehtab bagh Agra.The Mehtab Bagh. Agra is situated on the bank of river Yamuna…

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Famous Travel Spot Mussaman Burj Agra

Mussaman Burj Agra

Famous Travel Spot Mussaman Burj Agra The agra is full of historical monument buildings let it be Taj Mahal, Itmad-ud-Daulah’s Tomb Agra.Musamman Burj Agra is one of the significant building of Agra.Also names as the Octagonal Tower,this monument…

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Tourist Attraction Moti Masjid Agra


Moti Masjid : Pearl mosque of Agra In this HTR blog I will write about the Moti masjid Agra.A thousand number of tourist from the world visit the city every year to witness the famous travel spots of…

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7 Famous markets in Agra for shopping

Famous market in agra

Here are the Famous markets in Agra Agra is a prominent tourist city of India the monuments  as well as markets in Agra are very famous. Agra receive traveler,s from worldwide.The accessories items like wallet,belts and many other…

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