Traditional art and craft item of Uttrakhand

Here are the Traditional art and craft item of Uttarakhand.

When we talk about the mountain beauty,we cant forget the devbhoomi Uttarakhand. Devbhoomi Uttarakhand is very enriched in terms of art and craft culture. Devbhoomi Uttarakhand is also very famous for its rich cultural art and craft. Traditional art and craft item of Uttrakhand

The art and craft of Uttarakhand displays a rich heritage culture of the place in form of art and craft items. The fine crafted items itself speaks for the rich culture of Uttarakhand.

The craft industry of Uttarakhand is adding value to the tourism industry of the state.The tourist collect the various items of crafted culture and took them to their places as the sovinier of the trip and to cherish the memories te collected at the particular place and the moments the enjoyed in the rich and heritage cultural land of Uttarakhand.

Making of Copper Utensil

If we talk traditional art and craft item of Uttrakhand offer to people the list is endless.

Here are few traditional art and craft item of Uttrakhand :

  1. Temple architect
  2. Wood carving
  3. Paintings
  4. Traditional Ornaments
  5. Famous Tamtas
  6. Household items of bamboo
  7. Embroidery items
  8. Woolen items

The traditional art of  Uttrakhand have developed with time and with the use of modern technology which is mixed with the traditional technique , the results are amazing and the masterpiece which appears after the process of making it is just praise worthy.

As I mentioned the list is endless of the product for the commercial craft . Now the doors , windows ,rugs,carpet and copper utensils are made with very fie touch of traditional craft on them. Traditional art and craft item of Uttrakhand

We can talk about the painting of Garhwal . The painting of Garhwal are very famous in the world. The Garhwal Paintings are slightly influenced with the Mughal Art. The history says when a Mughal Prince took shelter in Garhwal at that time he brought the painters with him. After the few months ,the mughal prince left the Garhwal city but the painters stayed there and settled down in the Garhwal region. So in this way the introduction of mughal style of painting is discovered in Garhwal, Uttranchal today known as Uttrakhand.

Some of the fine Artwork is collected and preserved in the National museum of Delhi.The items are walking sticks,figured animals and lot more. Traditional art and craft item of Uttrakhand.

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